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Tea for Cancer is a website that has been created to promote the use of the chaga mushroom and the many health benefits it holds.  Why Tea for Cancer? Along with the great advantages for the health and well-being of the body, it has also been suggested that the chaga mushroom can aid the body’s immune system in the fight against cancer.  A popular way to consume the chaga mushroom, is in tea form. Get Chaga Tea here.

Yulia Morris -creator and founder of the Vitalitea brand says -

A lot of controversial information about tea and cancer can be found on the internet, some claiming the tea has been created specifically for preventing and curing cancer. Not enough research has been done to establish if this is the case, however I would like to share my experience with Chaga Tea.

While living in Russia I heard about  Chaga mushroom tea and its alleged anti cancer properties. Though I wasn’t fighting cancer, I decided to start drinking it to boost my immune system. After a few months, I was amazed at how good I felt.  I’ll be honest, the effects aren’t instantaneous, but it does improve your overall health.  It can increase your immune system, helping your body to fight diseases, and it has been suggested, various types of cancer including breast, oesophageal, prostate and others. Further information can be found on this page and if you would like to try some chaga tea and see for yourself the effects it can have.” Get Chaga Mushroom Tea here

I have created a short video demonstrating “Vitalitea”, the only chaga tea  in teabags.  get it here.

In this video Daniel Vitalis is speaking about healing properies of chaga mushroom and chaga tea.

Chaga Tea

Chaga tea is made primarily from the Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) commonly known in some areas as the ‘King of Herbs’ or ‘Nature’s Silver Bullet’.  It is a parasitic fungus that is commonly found growing on birch trees.  It can be found globally, specifically in areas of Canada, Europe, parts of northern America and Korea where it is known as “the gift from heaven” and a “gift of God” for the healing properties it possesses.

Chaga mushrooms have been used for centuries in Europe for medicinal purposes, but also for the benefits to all round health and well being that they offer.  Use of chaga tea dates back to the 16th century when it was regarded as folk medicine. In Siberia where these birch-loving fungi grow in abundance, people have long regarded the Chaga as a premiere remedy for cancer. Today it has been found that it hosts antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune system properties.  And it is considered to have the highest concentration of antioxidant of any known natural food in the world.

Chaga mushrooms cannot be farmed, those that have been cultivated have been found to hold fewer healing properties than those found in the wild.  Therefore the mushrooms used in Vitalitea are hand picked in Siberia.

High in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are usually found in the form of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients. They are used to get rid of free radicals which cause damage to cellular structures in your body. Free radicals are the product of oxidation and they can often start a process that could lead to heart disease, cancer and other chronic inflammatory diseases. Antioxidants are important as they neutralize free radicals and stop the oxidation process.

Chaga tea is regarded by many to be successfully beneficial due to the high levels of antioxidants alongside the beneficial vitamins that it also contains.  It also has high proportions of the vitamins: calcium, iron, manganese, vitamins B, K and D2

Unlike other Chaga teas, Vitalitea is an excellent way in which to intake the nutrients and antioxidants. The process commonly used to get the nutrients from the mushroom is to boil it for long periods of time. But at Vitalitea, using very natural and environmentally friendly technology, the mushrooms are treated with Co2 at room temperature with specific equipment in the tea plant in Russia. This process breaks down the cell walls of the mushroom and helps release the nutrients more effectively when brewed.

Despite its taste, people have used Chaga tea to treat and aid the recovery of various ailments such as ulcers, cancer, diabetes, gastritis but to also boost energy levels, improve the immune system and to help digestion.

Vitalitea, made from Siberian Chaga, is non-toxic and has no side effects. Learn more about chaga tea here.

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