Discovery of Health Benefits of Chaga Tea for Cancer

Why did Russian peasants never have cancer? Trying to save money, instead of drinking tea, they would drink an infusion made from the Chaga mushroom picked from birch trees which was then ground and brewed. It is thought that by drinking this cheap alternative to tea, the Russian peasants were unintentionally reducing the risk of cancer.

Today Chaga tea is considered to be one of the most popular alternative drinks to help prevent and fight cancer.

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The Discovery of Chaga Tea

On 21 June 1887, Sergey  Maslennikov (a Russian doctor) was born into the poor family of the merchant Nikita Maslennikov. Sergey graduated from the Medical Faculty of Moscow University and from there he went on to work in Aleksandrov at a Zemstvo (local government) hospital.

Sergey was a dedicated, hard-working and talented man. As well as being a physician-researcher, during his time in Alexandrov, he created many medicinal recipes for the treatment of sore throats and colds amongst other ailments, which are still used by the residents of the city today.

However the main achievement of his life was the discovery of Chaga, as stated in the “description of the invention” – “symptomatic tool to facilitate the state of cancer patients”.

Solzhenitsyn, the writer, one of the “correspondence patients” of Sergey, describes this in his novel “Cancer Ward”:

“Friends! It’s an amazing story. I was told it by one patient who came here to be checked while I was still waiting for admission. I then, without delay, wrote a postcard with a return address of the hospital. Twelve days have passed and I have had a reply! And the doctor Maslennikov even apologised to me for the delay, because as it turned out, he had to respond to an average of ten letters a day. Less than half an hour is not enough for a good letter. So for five hours a day, he was writing letters! And he doesn’t get anything for that! … And he doesn’t have any staff, assistants or secretaries. All of it he does when off duty. And there is not any glory for his work either! For us, the sick patients, the doctor is a ferryman: we need him for an hour, and then we don’t see him again. And those he cures, throw the letters away. At the end of the letter, he complains that patients, especially those he has helped, stopped writing to him. They don’t write about the doses taken or the results. And he also asked me, even begged me to reply thoughtfully!

…one former patient told me about Doctor Maslennikov (an old country doctor from Alexander County, near Moscow). He has lived there for decades. Since he arrived there, he has treated patients in the same hospital. He noticed that although medical literature was increasingly writing about cancer, he never had any cancer patients among the peasants. Why was this? …

So he began to study … and found this phenomena: that to save money on tea, the men in the area did not brew tea, but Chaga, also known as a birch mushroom. Sergey Maslennikov thought: is it the Chaga that Russian peasants have been treating cancer with for centuries, without knowing it?

But obviously, this was not enough for Maslennikov. He had to check everything. Over a period of many years he had to observe and compare those who drank this homemade tea and those who did not. This meant giving the drink to those who had a tumour, and taking the responsibility of not treating them by other conventional means. It then had to be calculated at what temperature to brew the Chaga, either to boil or not boil, and the dosage – exactly how many glasses to drink without causing harm. Observations as to which tumours it affected and which it affected less also had to be made.”

Solzhenitsyn went on to experience the healing effects of the mushroom as well as thousands of other people. Many of whom Sergey Maslennikov saved.

It is worth reading his notebooks with records of the results of his treatments. There are frequent records of full recovery, however for a long time this method of treatment was not recognised. He had to see patients secretly. It was only in 1950, after many years of research and observation, Sergey contacted the Ministry of Health in Russia with his invention. Copyright was obtained in 1958, eight years later.

Like all talented people, Doctor Maslenikov was a versatile man, fond of many things, such as hunting and gardening. He also walked around the whole of Alexandrov with a camera, filming its every corner. Many photos of Sergiev Posad were preserved in the cities of southern Russia.

Most recently, in 2001, a Japanese pharmaceutical company became interested in Doctor Maslennikov’s invention. Following Sergei, its representatives came to his museum, and on returning to Japan they produced a magazine devoted to Maslennikov and Chaga.

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